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Plus Model Maggie Brown

Spotlight Model

Aspiring Plus Model: Maggie Brown

Resides in: Southern, CA

Stats: 6' / Size 14-16 / Age 29

Online Portfolio:

Photographer: Sita Edwards

plus model maggie brown

Spotlight Interview with Aspiring Curvy Model Maggie Brown...

When did you decide you wanted to be a plus model?

I have always wanted to be a model since I was a little girl. I always believed that I had something different to bring to the "table". However as time went on I realized that one of my differences was that I was not your mainstream "skinny" model. My fourth year in college I met my best friend Heather, and she like me was a big girl. She taught me to LOVE the skin I'm in! I learned so much and once I overcame my own fight with self-image I wanted to make sure that the world knew it. This past summer my husband and I went on a vacation cruise to Alaska and we took lots of pictures. I posted them on "myspace" and one of my high school buddies who is a model in San Francisco told me "You should model"... I literally chuckled when I read her comment... but then I got to thinking and thought... what better way to get the word out that BIG girls are BEAUTIFUL!!! So I e-mailed her back and asked her a barrage of questions on how to get started and then put 110% into building a port and networking and here I am=)

What a great picture! Was this your first photo shoot?

Yes, as a matter of fact this was my VERY FIRST SHOOT EVER!!!! Sita was a amazing to work with and she really taught me some very invaluable lessons during the shoot. She made me feel very comfortable and I think that comes across in the pictures we took.


What can you share with us about the photographer and/or the photo session?

Wow, where do I begin??? SITA MAE is one of THE BEST!!!! She is amazing, professional, genuine, quick and painless... She sees the best in everyone and everything and knows how to bring it across... I think one of the most invaluable lessons I learned from her was "awkward is in"=)

Who are your favorite curvy role models?

I Love, Love, Emme.... she has always been my role model. She has done amazing work and all the while kept her morals and stayed true to herself... I also had the amazing opportunities to work a TV show with Catherine Schuller who was one of the founding plus models and she is an amazing person... she is one of those people who has 1 million things going through her head but always somehow manages to make you feel like you are the only thing important to her when you talk to her=)

What are your dreams, desires and goals as a plus model?

My goals as a plus model is to REPRESENT!!!!! I have a lot of "big girl" girlfriends and we are always talking about how annoyed we are at the fact that the WOMENS departments in the major shopping malls are tucked away by the bedding department or some obscure corner... like they are trying to hide the fact that they cater to the big girl or even (heaven forbid) carry 16+ sizes. I want to change that stigma and work to bring the 16+ to the store front windows of major departments stores like Macys, Norstrom, Robinson May etc...!!!!

My desire is to make a difference for the young girls who are growing up now... I want to be a positive example to them to let them know... there is NO NEED to starve yourself or hide under that sweatshirt or oversized T-Shirt... strut your stuff... work it... because you know what??? Big is Sexy!

My dream is to one day do a spread for Lane Bryant and rock the Runway at NYC fashion week... to travel the globe and get the word out that big is beautiful!

If you could pick the perfect plus modeling campaign for yourself,
who would you want to work for?

Oops...;) did I just answer that above??? I would love to work with Lane Bryant just because they helped me to get through my "self-image" issues. Before I knew about Lane Bryant I was at the top of the sizes at Macy's and I was feeling panic... because what was there for me after I no longer fit Macy's???? COMON???

My only hope in modeling is to prevent anyone from feeling the same panic I felt at that time in my life!!!!

Name your favorite store to shop for curvy clothes in CA...

Lane Bryant... need I say more? Love their clothes... especially the Houston pant in "Tall" =) I think I must have about 10 pairs in black and brown! heheheh! Their clothing is durable, wearable, sophisticated, with a dash of attitude=) LOVE IT!

Please keep your eye on Maggie,
this curvy beauty from CA!

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